Market-Stall-BreadTour Operators/Travel Agents at home and abroad

How does this VAT rate of 9% affect our business?

  • Ireland is not only a highly attractive tourist destination but has returned to being competitive across a whole range of services in the tourist industries

How does VAT at 9% affect my clients when they visit and/or tour Ireland?

  • Restaurants, accommodation and tourist facilities are comparatively cheaper
  • Consequently, there is a range of offers available across the hospitality sector

As Tour Operators and/or Travel Agents, how can we continue to support this campaign?

  • Write to Fáilte Ireland
  • Send us feedback from your clients’ visits to and/or around Ireland
  • Send us feedback from your last visit to Ireland
  • Upload a short testimonial video compiled from feedback from your clients on their experience of Ireland
  • Upload a testimonial video of your last visit to Ireland